Episode 21 – Murray Guest | Magnets, learning & change

On this solo episode, Murray is inspired by magnetic fields and how these can mimic the environment of the application of our training and development.

Magnets: have you ever thought about that magnetic field of energy? What about the parallels between magnetic energy and the energy around applying and cementing new ways of being?
When we scatter iron filings/ferromagnetic material, then magnetic waves either attracts or repels those ferromagnetic materials.
We are like iron filings in a magnetic field. These magnetic fields could be your work environment, home environment, friends circle, etc.
You then go away and learn additional insights, and your world is shaken up. You may have new language, new framework, a new way of seeing the people around you.
But then integrating back into your daily life – your daily environment – is where the challenge of change lies. 
Murray discusses the challenges of trying to integrate your new way of being into the previous culture, the previous systems, the old ways of doing things.
And follows it up by discussing “locking in” those new learnings and creating an environment that facilitates them.

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