Episode 20 – Alexandria Joy (AJ)

In this episode, AJ and I delve deep into making change in the long game, knowing how to keep your own (inspired) energy on track and the steps to mastering leadership.

Alexandria Joy (AJ) is the powerhouse founder of UQ Power, a collective of Company Culture Architects supporting CEO’s, HR and Marketing Directors to design and build strong company cultures that build their brand and market share through sustainable relationships.
AJ’s top 5 strengths are learner, connectedness, strategic, futuristic, and input – and you can see these shine through in this episode!
We discussed why, as leaders, a lot of people go for mastery first. They take on external stimulus – do courses, read books, listen to podcasts – all to master becoming a good leader. It needs to be an inside/out game rather than an outside/in one.
How? Through:
  • mindset (going within to clear the slate and set up for success, know yourself)
  • minimalism (strip away what doesn’t work for you – reduce the noise, the friction, reduce the need to do things just to please others), and
  • mastery (then polish the stone, add the skills).
Other key highlights on this episode include:
  • When working with people or facilitating workshops, set your intention of allowing whatever needs to come through to be there – have the curriculum, but also meet people where they’re at.
  • As leaders you can’t take the world or your team further than you’ve gone inside.
  • The human mind can’t be creative and logical at once. So when everything is full – your space, your calendar, your mind – you can’t get into that creative space.
You can find out more about AJ in the following spaces: Leading Ladies International, on LinkedIn, over at UQ Power, The Joy Box and her website.

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