Episode 2 – Andrew Sloan (Human Futurist: Therapist, Strengths Coach & Technologist)

Andrew is a Human Futurist: Therapist, Strengths Coach and Technologist. He supports individuals and teams to upgrade themselves to thrive in our faster future.

In this episode, we reflect on the 2018 CliftonStrengths Summit, explore break-throughs, blind spots of our dominant talents, why we need to slow down for the faster future and discuss how Andrew integrates strengths into his unique work. Such a fun & inspiring chat!
Andrew’s Top Five CliftonStrengths are:
Strategic – Woo – Activator – Communication – Ideation.
Key highlights include:
  • How downtime prepared Andrew for a pretty intense period of creation and clarity
  • The shift from trying to do things that were expected, rather than what was needed
  • Why we need to slow down and tap into body wisdom to connect with the faster future
  • “My top 5 strengths walk into the room before I do, and my next 5 are the engine room of my experience.”
Find out more about Andrew at www.andrewsloan.com.au

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