Episode 19 – Tammy Guest | Natupreneur Business Mentor

In this episode I catch up with the awesome and inspiring (yes I’m biased, but she really is) Tammy Guest. We talk about Tammy’s passion to help 7,000 health practitioners, help 7,000 clients improve their health and well-being.

We reflect on our recent Bali immersion with participants in the NatClub and the multiple transformations we were inspired to be a part of. Tammy also discusses opportunities and challenges in the industry and how important mindset is to be successful.

All of the Natupreneur members complete their CliftonStrengths and we explore how the Top 5 Strengths of health practitioners show up in their business and needs for learning.

Key highlights include:

  • Why we need to use critical mass thinking – if the majority of us start believing something, then it does/doesn’t exist anymore. 
  • The general strengths themes of natupreneurs (empathy, learner, relator) don’t necessarily align with more ‘business-friendly’ strengths such as strategic, responsibility and achiever and that’s why Tammy found it so hard to find business advice that catered to the industry – so she changed that!
  • When you embrace who you are in totality, your business thrives and flow happens because you’re showing up as your true self.

You can find out more about Tammy’s Natupreneur Journey Program and Assessment for health praccies (naturopaths, nutritions, herbalists and massage therapists) at www.tammyguest.com and check out Natupreneur Hub on Facebook!

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