Episode 17 – Jenni Walke | Business Consultant at Elephant in the room consulting

In this episode Jenni and I discuss the bigger picture in business, why systems and structures are so important for growth, and the importance of never losing sight of your values and your why.
Jenni has a passion for developing helping people maximise their potential. With expertise in leadership development, team building, capability development, business strategy and facilitation, Jenni helps individuals and teams to understand their purpose, define their vision and to develop processes that will enable them to work to their potential, and beyond. She works with leadership teams to understand how they work and develop strategies to solve complex problems through new and innovative solutions. Jenni launched Elephant in the Room Consulting, a boutique consulting house specialising in the realignment of organisational culture and process. Based in Brisbane, Elephant in the Room serves small to medium enterprises globally.
In this episode we discuss the bigger picture in business, why systems and structures are so important for growth, why Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is a fantastic role model for leadership (and how Toto represents the value system), and we also talk about when something happens to shake up your life, give yourself the respect and time to process it internally.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Business owners not only have to look at the details but also the bigger picture too – we have a responsibility and a commitment towards that.
  • We often hire for skill and experience rather than connection and fit, and long term success in the business comes from shared values. So before hiring, we need to get clear on what our personal and business values are.
  • When we think about scaling a business, we often think technology, but what we also need to look at is how can you do you job consistently over time so that your business grows and that it still stays aligned with your mission and purpose.
Find out more about Jenni over at Elephant in the Room, and connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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