Episode 16 – David Conley | Health & well-being coach

In this episode we discuss unconscious habits and the very small steps we can take to change these, how to adopt radical self-care as the foundation for lifelong happiness plus the steps Dave took in rebooting his life after tragedy.

Dave was put on this earth for some huge work – to upgrade the human experience and bring joy through transformation. Dave’s life has included getting 32 million people on the internet for the first time, rebooting his life after tragedy, and now flipping the self-help business model by inspiring others to adopt radical-self care as the foundation for lifelong happiness.
Dave’s top 5 strengths include Ideation, Strategic, Woo, Futuristic & Activator.

In this episode we discuss unconscious habits and the very small steps we can take to change these, why the worst thing that happened to Dave turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened, and why 4 small things (mindfulness, exercise, diet and sleep) that you’re doing right now, with the smallest shifts, can turn them into self care superpowers.

He shares his journey of how losing his wife actually put him on a different path which transformed his life – losing 150 pounds, quitting cigarettes and his job, and launching his own business. Dave wholeheartedly believes that self-care can springboard your life into one that is limitless, and shares key highlights such as:

  • Why 99% of what we do day in and day out is based upon our unconscious habits and how we feel about them. Those two things go together and basically drive us on automatic everywhere we go and with everything we do.
  • You can change your habits in small ways, but if you can also change how you feel, and then establish new habits around that – then that’s where the magic happens.
  • People feel guilty about spending time in their jobs and not with their family, so they’ll give up sleep, eating right and exercise, in favour of either spending time with family or being at their jobs. But the more time you spend on yourself means you can bring so much more to your loved ones, your vocation, your community and ultimately, your legacy.
Find out more about Dave at limitl.es, and connect with him over on Facebook and Instagram.


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