Episode 12 – Rhonda Boyle | Strengths-based Coach and Author

In this episode we discuss Rhonda’s journey in becoming a strengths-based coach, the importance of money mindset for your business and personal success, and why she feels a certain strength has been extremely misunderstood.

Rhonda Boyle is a transformational leader teaching strengths-based processes through workshops, corporate education and group coaching. She’s the author of several books, most recently the International Best Seller, “Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation” (which I’m a co-author of!). Rhonda has been part of the strengths movement since 2008 and is also a Certified Law of Attraction facilitator with a special emphasis on Neuroscience principles.
Rhonda’s Top 5 Strengths are Ideation, Woo, Maximizer, Communication, Activator!
We also discuss the importance of Money Mindset for your business and personal success.
From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Rhonda has been married to Chris for 27 years and they have two adult daughters and two grand boys!
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Instead of being encouraged to be well-rounded, if Rhonda had known about and been encouraged to embrace her strengths and talents when she was in school, the impact could have been so different.
  • Why Woo has been one of the least understood themes and why people who rank high in Woo often have a complete different energy to others.
  • How your money mindset can really bring out your strengths and the blindspots surrounding them – but by working through these using certain strategies it can activate a stronger strengths-based manifesting muscle.
You can connect with Rhonda over at www.Soar.RhondaBoyle.com.

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