Episode 1 – Tammy Guest | Natupreneur Business Mentor

Chatting with my awesome wife and business partner Tammy Guest. I can think of no one better for this first podcast.
We chat about business, strengths-based parenting, life and more.
In this first episode we chat about Tammy’s journey to being a leading coach and mentor for Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Herbalists (& creating a tribe of over 2,000 people). Tammy’s Top Five CliftonStrengths are:
Connectedness – Relator – Activator – Ideation – Individualization.
We talk about the impact strengths has had on our relationship, embracing the uniqueness in each other, (two of our top 5 strengths are the same), making each other right and appreciating what we each bring. Having a strengths-based approach to parenting and in our business partnership and lots more.
Key highlights include:
  • Strengths are like the five Newton cradle balls. It’s a dance and a flow with using your strengths, pulling one out as you need and using that to bounce off your other strengths.
  • As you lean in to your challenges, people and situations appear to help you. There is a slow revealing of the next step.
  • How you can go from helping 7000 people to 49 million by a simple reframe of your ideal client.
  • The more you know yourself, the more flow you’ll get.
  • You need a willingness to have a growth mindset, but if you don’t know who are here to help, you don’t have a business.
To connect with Tammy further you can find her over at tammyguest.com, on Instagram and Facebook.

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