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Strengths based coaching partnership (3 months) Do you want to really know your purpose? Do you want to live that purpose, provide value to your clients and make a difference in the world? Do you want to know how to build your business, your partnerships and achieve your goals through focusing on your strengths? Well this coaching partnership is for you. I can help you align the work you do, with your purpose, strengths and talents. To live an inspired life, be the best you and be successful! Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders, during the coaching partnership we will unlock your strengths using the Gallup Strengths finder and identify ways to consciously apply them for your success. I am passionate about partnering with you to grow your business, pass on my knowledge and experience and help you live an inspired life. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.”

Typical Outcomes from Strengths Coaching Partnership

  • Greater clarity in your “Why” and how to really live it
  • Understand what makes you unique and gain clarity on what it is you do best
  • Understand how to use your strengths to market to your ideal client, grow your network and business
  • Map out a strategy of how to utilise your strengths
  • How to communicate effectively in your particular style so you engage potential clients and colleagues
  • Learn how to use your particular strengths to your advantage to build trust and productive relationships
  • A greater appreciation for the strengths and differences in others for effective partnerships and joint ventures 
  • Learn which parts of your work you naturally aren’t good at, and how to find the right people to do those jobs
  • Learn how to boost your presence by clearly focusing on your gifts
  • How to move from programs to partnership with clients and colleagues
  • Practical exercises and activities to create frameworks to manage and prioritise actions, information and commitments
  • Skills and tools to get in control of workload and increase productivity
  • Develop more helpful habits for success
  • A 90 day Business Plan, with actions and accountability to achieve the plan

This partnership is for you if you…

Lack clarity on what gifts you have.

Want to know what makes you unique.

Want to stand out.

Are ready for more ideal clients to find you.

Want to build better relationships within your business with staff and with clients.

Want to create better partnerships.

Fundamentally want to provide value to others and help your clients succeed.

Want clarity in what success looks like and the attitudes and processes to achieve it.

Want a partnership approach, which celebrates wins and milestones. 

This isn’t the partnership for you if…

You don’t like digging a little deeper.

You’re not ready for growth, learnings and openness.

You don’t take action.

You want the latest & greatest quick fix technique.

During the 3 month partnership, you will have…

A planning session

4 x one hour Face to Face / Skype coaching sessions

4 x 15 min coaching check-ins

Unlock your Strengths (Top 5 Strengths Assessment, Report, Action Plan)

Personal and Professional development Business tools, templates and tips

A true partnership of encouragement, challenge and celebration!

Contact us at to discuss further how a coaching partnership and unlocking your strengths can help you grow your business.

Who is Murray Guest…the inspired change agent jennifer_macniven_guest I believe everyone should live an inspired life and with purpose. I truly believe people don’t like selling or being sold to. I draw on my years of experience, skills and knowledge from the perspective of both the client and the supplier. I’ve been in Consultancy, Business Development, Manager and L&D Roles for over 15 years. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I believe in the power of unlocking and consciously applying your strengths. I know what works, what doesn’t and understand the challenges of getting new clients. I’m passionate about helping you succeed and focusing on your strengths so you can be in flow and be YOU as  much as possible. Having led a number of cultural change initiatives, combined with my diverse experiences I will help you on a path of continuous improvement. CertStrCoachLogo_RGB_g_WebOnly

Did you know…

  • Decades of research has proven that when individuals have the opportunity to discover their natural talents and purposely develop them into strengths, the effect on individual and organizational performance is transformational.
  • Research has shown people who use their strengths everyday are three TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six TIMES as likely to be engaged in their jobs.
  • People who focus on using their strengths to maximise their potential have 7.8% greater productivity!