What our clients are saying…

Melissa Duffy-Fagan

Our team was looking for ways to move from working as 3 separate teams within a busy children’s service to one cohesive and communicative team with a shared vision.  What the team building session helped us with was understanding what our individual strengths were and how this could work when combined.  Understanding how behaviours, attitudes and results all effected each other within a work space was enlightening.  We understand now that if we only looked at behaviours and not attitudes and strengths, we will get stuck in what isn’t working.  If we think about each other as individuals with many strengths and ideas we move forward to solutions much more effectively.  It has helped us look beyond perceived problems and address our roles and each other from a different perspective.  We are now working on building a strong and meaningful team vision and communicating with a view to this process being an ongoing journey, not a finite destination.

Melissa Duffy-FaganOwner & Director of Elder St Early Childhood Centre
Heidi Alexandra Pollard

Murray is an exceptional leadership and strengths based professional, but more than that he is an exceptional human. I have had the pleasure of having Murray partner with our company UQ Power on a number of clients and initiatives successfully thanks to the contributions made by Murray. As a Gallup accredited Strengths Coach, Murray is able to support the development of effective leaders, engaged teams and sustainable cultural change with a smile and good humour. Our clients rave about the support Murray provides and I am pleased to recommend him highly””

Heidi Alexandra PollardCEO Power
Mathew Wright

Since I engaged Murray Guest to support my business, Aurora People, I have had entirely new focus on growth as opposed to survival. Murray has been inspirational in taking client meetings, internal systems and proposals to an entirely new level – a quantum shift.  His coaching style and professionalism mean the changes I’m making are sustainable and transformative. I’d recommend him to any small business owner and will happily discuss the benefits with any potential client he may have.

Mathew WrightOwner Aurora People
Tara O’Connell

Working with Murray is difficult to describe in words … but I’ll try. His ability to hear, read and understand your business and personal situation, apply sound business principals mixed with empathy and genuine care; and help you create a short, medium and long term plan that not only meets your requirements but exceeds your expectations is a result of Murray working in a state of flow … a space where HE is in his element because he is assisting YOU to be the best version of yourself, and achieve all that you are capable of. Thank you so much Murray for your assistance in helping me Shine

Tara O’ConnellCEO The Tarani Group and Founder of The Baby Diaries
Dean Conners

I must say working with Murray, through Wests Group, assisted my role and responsibilities, showing how I can create a holistic view and approach to my position and what the business required and the develop my working team.  I developed easier systems and without doubt was lifted to another level. His approach is professional and easy to work with. 

Dean ConnersSecurity Manager Wests Group

I have to say I found the experience to be really positive and really powerful. Murray challenged me in a constructive way and made me realise that my strengths can actually help me overcome my weaknesses. He really helped me with some things I have been struggling with this week and I would highly recommend him to work with other new teams as I know how this really benefited me and I could see how it could benefit the whole team. I came away feeling really strong and positive and really like I owned my strengths.”

Strengths coachee, 2015
Catherine Highton

I sought the services of Inspire My Business because I was looking for an innovative approach to strengthen our team of staff to increase employee engagement and overall cohesion.  I was also seeking to build on my own leadership skills in my role as the children’s service director to acquire a fresh approach to motivate and guide my team toward a shared vision. Inspire My Business delivered!  Murray took the time to listen, consult and discuss my specific requirements and tailored a program accordingly. Through one on one consultation Murray provided me with tangible strategies to build on my leadership skills, articulate goals and put in place steps to achieve them. The strength based workshops conducted by Inspire My Business provided our staff team with new insight into their unique strengths and abilities and how they can each capitalise on them to improve their work performance.  We are now seeing improved results in performance and greater cohesion. Inspire My Business far exceeded our expectations and I would recommended their services to any business looking to motivate and improve employee engagement.

Catherine Highton Children Services Director Cameron Park Early Learning Centre

“I really appreciated that we were able to spend the day learning new things, engaging in useful discussion and getting to know our team mates better. I really enjoyed the strengths part of the course and how it can be used to improve one’s work and general life. It was great to gain a better understanding of safety both in the office and site environments and how we can all make a difference. Tammy’s presentation on Health & Wellbeing and how it can affect your safety choices / everyday work life / performance was a valuable surprise element to the day which I know a lot of us enjoyed. The day was very positive and a few of us who work closely together have started putting into practice some of the key aspects e.g. the level of information communication and strengths appreciation. The ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ is also a useful tool which I will continue to use to assess how I am going, what I still need to address, stop doing and what is going well as it is. I have definitely noticed an increased positivity amongst the team and this will no doubt help everyone’s motivation level before we hit the busy September shutdown period.”

Workshop participant, 2016