Episode 12 – Rhonda Boyle

Rhonda Boyle is an exceptional strengths coach and author who has been part of the strengths movement for over a decade. We discuss misunderstood strengths, money mindset and abundance, and why being encouraged to be well-rounded needs to change.

Episode 11 – Charlotte Blair

Charlotte Blair is an awesome strengths coach who is passionate about strengths and the application of strengths for change management and creating a safe space for people to speak up. We had such an inspiring chat about how Charlotte applies her strengths in all areas of life from her career, her business partnership, marriage and parenting.

Episode 10 – Ken Barr Jnr

As a fellow strengths coach, Ken and I discuss his journey to becoming a coach and the impact strengths has made in his life. Ken is dedicated to helping individuals and teams discover, develop, and apply their strengths. He works frequently in the education, non-profit, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and customer service fields.

Episode 9 – Jason Knight

Blending HR + Marketing Jason Knight is the founder and creative brains of Moved by Design, a design consultancy, specialising in UX and EX. He has spent over 15 years creatively blending strategy and brand identity into powerful communications, for growing brands and engaging employees. We discuss how Jason has embraced his strengths and he shares key tips to help you transform your corporate learning culture.

Episode 8 – Brandon Miller

We discuss the impact of the work of 34 Strong in building strengths-based cultures and engagement, Brandon & Analyn’s book on strengths-based parenting – Play to their Strengths – and how Brandon has embraced his Top 5 Strengths.

Episode 7 – Jeffrey Allen

We explore Jeffrey’s top 5 strengths and his work as an energy healer and he shares practical tips to help you tap more consciously into your energy and the impact that can have in your life and your relationships.

Episode 6 – Mat Cowdroy

Owner of Think Productive Australia and long time friend, Mat Cowdroy & I chat about starting his business and his passion for people enjoying their work and with less stress.
He shares tips and insights to set yourself up for success through daily habits and discusses some of the key characteristics of being a Productivity Ninja!

Episode 5 – Amy Mingin

An inspiring chat with Amy Mingin, naturopath, mum of two and creator of Naturopathic Yoga. I love how Amy has embraced her strengths to be her best self and really connect with her clients. This is a great discussion for people wanting to understand the impact a strengths-based focus can really make in their business.

Episode 4 – Rob Ffield

In this episode, I have the privilege to chat with Rob Ffield.
We explore many insights from his military career and as the President & CEO of the Catshot Group including building high-performance teams, infectious enthusiasm, how culture comes first and then everything else, the power of a no rank debrief, the performance triad and why a noble calling is the highest form of passion.

Episode 3 – Elliot Guest

In this episode I chat with my 9 year old son, Elliot. We discuss his natural talents and how he gets to use them. We also explore screen time, what it’s like being colour blind and being a strengths-based parent.