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17 tips to be a more inspiring leader in 2017

  Who doesn’t love working for an inspiring leader? You know, the type of leader we all hear about, quote and celebrate. The type of leader that inspires you to take action, one that creates a compelling vision and a culture of inspired energy. An energy where collaboration, communication, constructive challenging and support aren’t just […]

Why a word for the year is not enough

A word for the year is a fantastic way to help achieve your goals, get clarity in your approach, adopt new beliefs and habits.  I love seeing all the words that friends, clients and contacts embrace for the year.  Words like… However, coming up with a word, is just the start or to put it […]

Get some attitude in your vision

It’s that time of the year when people and organisation leaders are reviewing the achievements of the previous year and developing the organisation vision for the next 1, 3 or 5 years. However, does this sound familiar: you’ve developed and communicated your organisation vision, people seem to be doing what they need to do, yet […]

10 business lessons from Mountain Bike riding

10 business lessons from Mountain Bike riding I absolutely love getting out on some flowing single track. I’m not the best or the fastest mountain biker, but that feeling of freedom and powering around a berm is pure joy. I’m also passionate about learning and growth.  Over the years, as I’ve been riding I’ve noticed […]

Ahhh….you think that’s quality

Quality meal, quality game, quality coffee, quality service, quality car, quality friendship… What does it all mean? Quality is one of the most over-used words in the English language. Quality is perceptual, your definition of a quality movie and mine might be totally different. Every time you use the word quality with an employee, a […]

The lack of clarity is stifling your organisation

Recently as I walked past a small business, the owner had engaged a couple of contractors to re-paint her office.  The tension between them was almost visible and the conversation that was underway went something like this… “Can you see that? That’s not good enough!” To which the painter replied “Well you get that sometimes”, […]

Business lessons from kids movies

As a father for over 17 years and a movie buff, I’ve watched a lot of kids movies. While I’ll never get back the 85 minutes I lost to the Island of Sodor with Thomas and the Magic Railroad, over the years there has been many a movie, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, beyond being just a […]

Love in the Office

Love is in the air, last Friday was Valentine’s Day and I also read about what happened when Mindvalley made “Love” part of their employees Job Description for five days each year. Vishen Lakini, founder of Mindvalley said “They are a company of highly engaged, passionate and dedicated people that deliver results and have been […]

Stop fixing people

Are you trying to fix others, your team, your partner or your kids? Are people trying to fix you? It’s taking a lot of energy and not sustainable. Give it up; you’re fighting a losing battle. An approach that has been around for so long, in schools, in organisations and parenting too, is to focus […]

Should I be on LinkedIn?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times from different clients. They are on the main social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and wonder should they also be on LinkedIn? With LinkedIn being the fastest growing social media network (currently 300 Million users, 2 new users per second and over 7,000 searches […]